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Whitening trays vs retainers

You need a retainer to be stronger than that to hold your teeth in place. save hide report. share. A 40% hydrogen peroxide whitening gel, Opalescence Boost whitening offers brighter, whiter teeth in about an hour. Can I use those as my retainer until after Christmas? Ben – Kansas Ben, Unfortunately, your teeth whitening trays are not a good substitute for your retainer. you would be …Available in a range of concentrations and flavors, Opalescence take-home whitening gel is delivered via custom-made trays, further tailoring the treatment to your smile. This simple yet effective course aims to reduce lab bills appliance waiting time and allows customisation and independenceI lost my retainers after wearing them almost all the time for 11 months. Pre-treatment vs tray 19/19. Their main selling point is that they are more convenient than whitening trays, although they are more wasteful and tend to be less effective. I have my old teeth whitening trays. Convenient to get — With Retainers Direct, you can get custom-fitted clear retainers sent to your home without even having to go back to the orthodontist. The whitening trays are … Continue reading Can I Substitute My Teeth Whitening Trays for My Retainer11/03/2014 · The retainer for my bottom teeth broke. Getting a custom tray shouldn't cost you hundreds of dollars though. 158. Invisalign? You’re ready to start your smile journey and get the straight, bright smile of your dreams – congratulations! The number of teeth straightening solutions on the market can feel overwhelming. It took a while for my gums to feel good again. the The retainer should have no effect on your teeth with whitening. There’s no way I can get a new retainer until I’m paid. Can I use the bottom whitening tray as a substitute? They are both made out of the same material the only difference is that the retainer was slimmer while the tray is thicker. The retainer is what protects that from happening. There’s no money in my account. It basically acts as a temporary retainer. 202. Teeth whitening trays are pliable. 166. 18 comments. Retainers and Whitening trays See available dates for dental courses. I have the clear plastic kind of retainer that's molded to my teeth, -- it looks like Invisalign. Whitening strips are applied to the teeth for between 20 and 60 minutes daily for one to two weeks. I already have retainers that look a lot like the mouth trays, and i'm wondering if i can use these retainers instead of having to pay so much for the trays, and then just buy the bleaching gel. There is no better way to get your smile sparkling than to use a whitening tray that optimizes your whitening gel. 23 comments. I lost my retainer. I don’t get paid for another week and a half. The strips contain a similar solution to the gel used in whitening trays but at a lower concentration. Why Choose SmileDirectClub vs. You can apply the tray while you are sleeping so it doesn’t affect your public appearance. Dual-purpose — Clear dental retainers from Retainers Direct can also be used as whitening trays to get professional-grade teeth whitening …09/10/2008 · a retainer with the wire on the front would have no place to hold the liquid/paste. Can. We will provide you in-depth teeth impressions' instructions once you place your order. Not. It is important to keep wearing your retainer in order to prevent relapse with your orthodontics. You could try buying a tooth guard (like the ones to prevent people from grinding their teeth at night), it would have a reservior that the solution may stay in, but I would make it thick. If you have purchased one of our custom-fitted whitening trays or kits, then you have already made the right decision. Done! 20 trays plus refinements, bonding and whitening - 13 months total. It varies per product; however, you will likely have to use the tray for a few hours a night for 2-3 weeks. Can I use my teeth whitening trays instead? Serena P. It’s almost Christmas time, so of course I have no money left whatsoever. Invisalign Aligners and Teeth WhiteningI lost my retainer. . Both include mouth trays, whitening gel and remineralization gel. – Ohio Serena, Unfortunately, teeth …02/04/2009 · My dentist does offer teeth whitening, but it costs $200 for the mouth trays and some bleach gel. Even then I won’t have all the money. Believe it. I've used retainer Brite in the pass and it seemed to clean them pretty well, just not remove that yellow coloring. you would be getting instructions via email. 01/09/2010 · I used my Essix retainer for whitening and, let me tell you: Don't do it. I repeat, DON'T do it! It burned the HELL out of my gums (and my whitening gel is only 15%) to the point where they bled in some spots. 12/08/2012 · Well I've Finished my Invisalign journey a while ago, but I've started to notice my upper Trays turning yellow again (I had to wear my last upper try for months because my lowers required more work, and it turn my upper retainer turned grossly yellow eventually). Some reviewers found the moldable mouth trays hard to get right – but fortunately the kits come with a spare one (3 in total). Not wearing your retainer will likely allow your teeth to move back to where they were when you started. Does it not matter?02/04/2009 · My dentist does offer teeth whitening, but it costs $200 for the mouth trays and some bleach gel. The premium kit comes with double the amount of gel plus an LED light and tray case, so certainly offers better value. Unlike braces, clear aligners for your teeth are a series of discreet, plastic trays that move your teeth Process of making your own teeth impressions. One of the primary positives regarding the use of a teeth whitening tray is its convenience. more baking soda to peroxide. Your teeth whitening trays are wonderful for the purpose of whitening your teeth, but they won’t serve you well as a substitute for your retainer. You would be getting printed copy of how to take teeth impressions

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